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The Home Seller Helper

An Informed Seller is a Successful Seller

Everything you need to know to get your home Sold

The Home Seller Helperâ is broken down into three volumes that consist of modules designed with the intent of providing information to those considering or engaged in the activity of getting their home sold.  
Each module focuses on a different aspect ranging from how the real estate industry works thru the different areas that will assist you in your attempt to get your home sold.  For your convenience, we have loaded the volumes in a PDF Format that allows you to view them immediately upon purchase as opposed to having to wait for them to be shipped. 

You can order only the volumes that you see fit or you can order all three at a discounted price. 

(Individually $4.95)

Ordering is simple.  Go to the "Contact Us" tab of our website above, fill out your information and request your copy in the "Comments" Section. 

We will contact you to get your payment information and send your copy via email  

We hope that you find the informative and helpful.
Here is the breakdown of the modules, by Volume.


VOLUME I:  The Essentials
Module 1

Why Some Try To Sell Owner?

Saving The Commission

Had a Bad Experience
Don’t Know a Realtor
Need Every Penny
Because I Think I Can

Module 2

Proper Pricing

Emotional Attachment

Factoring In The Cost Of Improvements

Using A Previous Or Recent Appraisal

Not Knowing How To Set A Proper Price

Setting A Proper Price

Module 3

Exposure-Marketing Your Home

The Law Of Supply And Demand

The Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

Creating Exposure

Module 4

Your Homes Appearance

Curb Appeal

The Front Door

Entering Your Home

The Inside

Home Appearance Checklist

Module 5

Working With Buyers

What Does a Buyer Look Like

Are They Qualified

Showing Your Home

Safety & Theft


VOLUME II:  Handling The Sale

Module 6


Purchase Agreements
Addendums and Amendments
Disclosures (Seller, Lead Paint, Etc.)
Listing Agreements

Module 7


What It Means To You

Pre-approved vs. Pre-qualified

How To Verify

What You Can Do

Module 8

Accepting Offers

   Stop!! Don’t Sign!

Emotion vs. Logic


Module 9

Managing The Details




Title Work

Module 10

The Closing

It’s Finally Here

It’s Not Over Yet

What To Bring


VOLUME III:  Dealing With Real Estate Agents

Module 11

Working With Real Estate Agents


     Handling Solicitations

     Solicitation Techniques

     Be Careful Of What You Sign

The Right Way

Module 12

Choosing A Real Estate Agent

   The Search

     What To Look For

     Marketing Vs. Advertising

     The Interview


     The Listing Agreement


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